Barbara Witkowska

Barbara Witkowska is Polish artist based in  England. Witkowska attention is focused on the human as an inseparable part of…

Jiri Havlik

Jiri Havlik is an artist from Czech Republic, who was born in 1962. His main areas of work are painting,…

Hanna Ilczyszyn

Hanna Ilczyszyn was born in Poland, currently she lives and works and in Belgium. Her evocative paintings and drawings

André Schmucki

André Schmucki is an artist from Switzerland. Upon first glance his work seems to mirror the surrealists fascination

Tomasa Martin

Tomasa Martin

Tomasa Martin is an artist from Barcelona, Spain. He was born in 1960. The motivation to create for him the…

Petra Kaindel

Petra Kaindel is an artist from Austria. In her work, emotion is the essential ingredient. She is interested in human…

Michal Mráz

Michal Mráz (1987) is a self-taught painter. Despite studing at the department of sculpture (studio of Prof. Meliš and Doc.…

Tatu Vuorio

Tatu Vuorio was born on 30 September 1980 in Finland. His work combines several fields of art: abstract,