Yuri Pysar

Yuri Pysar was born in 1985, Ukraine. The concept of his work is focused on the positive achievement of culture.

Banari Irina

Irina Banari was born in 1986 in small town in Moldova. The reality in which she grew up, gave her…

Yoel Tordjman

Yoel Tordjman was born in Paris 1960. He lives and works in Jerusalem . He uses the traditional media, as…

Ulie Schwab

Ulie Schwab, born in 1950, is a German painter who lives and works in Bursins, Switzerland. Her favourite themes evolve

Liz Zorn

Liz Zorn is an artist from Morrow, United States. Her style is abstract. She has been working with textured surfaces…

Francien Krieg

Francien Krieg was born in 1973, lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands. In her works theme of transience

Adel Dauood

Adel Dauood is an artist from Syria, was born in 1980. Currently he lives and works in Vienna. His artworks…

Miroir Noir

Miroir Noir is an artistic project by two painters: Milos Koptak (Slovakia, 1969) and Rai Escale (Spain, 1964).

Lia Chechelashvili

Lia Chechelashvili is an artist from Georgia. Her style can describe as minimalist. Lia’s paintings shows the expression

Diego Cirulli

Diego Cirulli is an artist from Argentina, who was born in 1981. He had individual and group exhibitions

Wilfrid Moizan

Wilfrid Moizan was born in 1969, Britanny, France. Drawing and painting is his favorite means of artistic expression.

Ramona Zordini

Ramona Zordini is an Italian artist. In her photographic activities dominates the plasticity of the body and metaphor