Adam Lupton

Adam Lupton is an artist from Canada. In his painting activities he explores psychological and sociological

Titus Marques

Titus Marques is a Portuguese American visual artist. He was born in Rockport, ME and grew up in various parts

Fintan Whelan

Fintan Whelan was born in Dublin, lives and works in Germany. He is a abstract painter. Fintan’s paintings

Antoine Cordet

Antoine Cordet is a young painter living and working in Paris, France. His work is a mix between fragility and…

George Antoni

George Antoni is an artist from Brighton, United Kingdom. Georga’s paintings aim to evoke rather than depict.

Mertim Gokalp

Mertim Gokalp is a Turkish Australian painter, born in 1981. He was a finalist in the highly esteemed

Koen Lybaert

Koen Lybaert is a contemporary artist, born 1965 in Wilrijk, Belgium. He creates mainly abstract and landscape

Benjamin Garcia

Benjamin Garcia was born 1986 in Caracas, Venezuela. At the beginning of his work he was fascinated comics artists

Lorella Paleni

Lorella Paleni is a Italian artist, living and working in New York, United States. In her painting activities

Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry is a British artist from London, creating portraits and installations. In his works he uses old floppy

Yuri Pysar

Yuri Pysar was born in 1985, Ukraine. The concept of his work is focused on the positive achievement of culture.

Banari Irina

Irina Banari was born in 1986 in small town in Moldova. The reality in which she grew up, gave her…